Rows of Crunchy Monkeys

The Long Read


Behind many a small enterprise or “mom & pop” business, there’s often a creative, somewhat restless individual willing to risk working at what he or she loves without thinking day in and day out about “money.” More often than not, these businesses offer things that delight and benefit the consumer. Of course, they soon have to bring financial considerations to bear on decisions, but product quality and consumer satisfaction remains the top priority. We believe Crunchy Monkey is one of those businesses.

The founders of Crunchy Monkey granola have a combined total of 70 years’ experience in the food & beverage and hospitality industries. We place a premium on bringing delight to customers.

The American partner developed the original master recipe, that combines imported ingredients with unique local components. His motivation was purely personal: he wanted to have some homemade granola in the kitchen, of a type and quality he could not find in local stores.

One day, he was hosting a planning meeting for a new café, called “Good Morning Chiangmai,” which his friends were opening in Chiangmai Old City. The morning meeting started late and ran through lunchtime, so there was talk of heading out for noodles. Instead, it was decided the meeting would continue uninterrupted with people settling for bowls of fresh granola and milk. That was the first bowl of Crunchy Monkey served to the public. It went over so well, the café owners decided they would feature Crunchy Monkey granola on their breakfast menu when they opened in Spring, 2012.

Sometimes, all some entrepreneurs need is a slight push or tap on the shoulder and they’re off selling door-to-door! That’s the way it was with Crunchy Monkey.

Customers at Good Morning Chiangmai loved it, so, we offered it to other cafés and hotels, specialized food stores and, finally, a local supermarket.

Since March 2011, our granolas have been available in Chiangmai, and in December, 2014 we shipped our first batch to Bangkok.

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