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Healthy never tasted so good!


Our take on the classic American granolas of the ’60s and ’70s is refined to fit the tastes of our discriminating customers.  We use imported big-flake rolled oats from Australia and the USA, whole raw California almonds, Thai and Indian grade A split cashews, whole raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds and mixed wild flower honey from Chiangmai bee farms.

Yuen slurping granolaAt first bite, it’s the crunch one notices, then the savory-sweet and spicy flavors, the nutty texture and taste of the blend as a whole.  It’s just sweet enough, without being cloying with the light, magic touch of caramelized palm sugar and pink Himalayan salt crystals.  Finally, we have the chewy goodness of dried raisins or plump juicy cranberries.

Yes, our granola costs a bit more than some economy brands, but when you bring home our granola you will not have to settle for blandness, dry, powdery textures, or pulverized pieces of nuts & seeds aged in warehouses. In short, you have a cereal “fit for a king,” not the king’s horses!crunchyfavicon

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